How to Honor Your Authentic Self

Happy Sunday! How will you honor your authentic, whole hearted self today? My plan: A hike in nature, connecting with a close friend over breakfast this morning, sharing laughs and memories, and now sitting down to work on my next book chapter. Carving out time for self care is so important. Taking a few minutes to breathe, stretch, connect with mind, body and spirit is valuable. A simple act like the hug of a child, cuddling with a kitty or dog, or watching a favorite movie is healthy. Part of my self care will be watching Good Will Hunting tonight in honoring Robin Williams - one of my all time favorites movies as his character was my role model in doing the work I do with my patients. Even connecting with yourself in this moment...breathing in peace, joy, gratitude...breathing out stress, perfectionism, and disconnection is important. Ahhhh....nice. Give yourself an "atta' girl, or atta' boy" for one thing you did today that you are proud of. Share below if you like!

Kindly and in support,

Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S

Share how you will honor your authentic, whole hearted self today in the comments box below!