Interviews with Mari

From Heartbreak to Healing: For Partners and Spouses of Sex Addicts

"Mari A. Lee will be presenting information to betrayed partners and spouse on my radio show from a book she co-authored, "Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts." As many partners know, the shock from discovering your partner is an addict can be devastating and this book is extremely helpful in unraveling the chaos. Listen in Monday night 9PM EST, or click on above link for full interview." -Carol Juergensen Sheets

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How to Write a Book, Make More Money, and Rock Out in Private Practice:
An Interview with Mari A. Lee, LMFT, C-SAT

"Mari is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and CSAT Supervisor, with a successful fee for service/no insurance practice. As a former business owner and corporate professional, she is passionate about helping therapists and other small business colleagues establish or revamp their therapy practices and businesses. She loves the work she does with therapy clients, and part of that process is having a practice that is invigorating!" - Joe Sanok

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"U.S. therapist Mari A. Lee has had some great success with creating digital products and has built a practice that is built on multiple streams of income.

She is passionate about this business model for therapists as a way to share your knowledge with the world while working less hours in your practice.

In this interview Mari shares:

  • Why therapists should consider multiple streams of income.
  • Some of the multiple streams of income that are suitable for therapists
  • The successes she has had with creating multiple streams of income.
  • What to consider if you want to get started with digital products.
  • Tips for therapists who want to create online products.
  • The most common fears that stop therapists from creating online products
  • How to promote your digital product once it’s finished.
  • What to watch out for when it comes to creating online products."

(description from Australia Counseling)


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Balancing Life & Private Practice: Featuring Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S

Mari has an amazing story of being in foster case as a child to building a very successful private practice where she focuses on helping individuals who struggle with sex addiction. 

In this episode, you'll learn: 

  • Mari's favorite quotes that can be valuable as you take the leap into private practice. 
  • Practical tips to balance work and life so you don't burn out in private practice.
  • Tools to help you create a vision of your private practice. 
  • Ways to create an online store for products for clients and colleagues.  

(description from Selling the Couch)