For couples who are just starting out, or for those who have been together for a while and are now moving toward marriage, pre-marital counseling can be an excellent step to support your future.

As the saying goes, "A wedding is for a day, a marriage is for a lifetime." While it is fun to focus on the wedding day details, the reality is that half of all marriages end in divorce, and only half of those that endure are truly happy.

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Building a solid foundation is the best wedding gift you will give your relationship. 

In counseling pre-marital couples, we work step-by-step with the couple in the following six key areas:

  • Love Languages: Five areas of exploration
  • Family of Origin: Rules and Roles we learned and now act out with our mate
  • Boundaries: Know, Name, Maintain
  • Communication: Fair Fighting and Resolution
  • Intimacy and Sexuality: Is there a difference?
  • Managing Expectations: Life Goals/I want/You want

Couples pre-marital therapy is dynamic, interactive, and includes assessments, role playing, skill management, as well as therapy "homework" and tools that you take with you and practice between sessions.

On average, 8-10, 50-minute sessions are set up twice a month before the wedding date. Some couples prefer to schedule their pre-marital therapy in 90-minute sessions. Please see the fee page to learn more about this.


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