Guided Imagery and Anxiety Reduction (e-CDs)


Anxiety, stress, everyday life and relationship challenges can impact a person's emotional health and wellbeing. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has worked with numerous clients and groups using mindfulness techniques. Mari will guide the listener through mindful meditation, breath work, and guided imagery in the "Guided Relaxation" e-CD.

Guided meditation and mindful relaxation often result in reduced feelings of worry, anxiety and stress. Additionally, studies out of UCLA have shown that many individuals benefit from mindfulness and meditation as this practice may reduce stress, anxiety, anger and addiction triggers. Increased benefits may also include a more robust immune system, better concentration and sleep, and an overall sense of peace and connection with self and others.

The product will arrive in your email as a downloadable MP4 for you, the listener, to use as often as you like. If you are a therapist, you may use this to support your clients in or out of session as long as you are comfortable and experienced in mindfulness.

Please note: Guided Imagery and Mindfulness is not hypnotherapy. Additionally, a licensed Marriage and Family therapist may practice mindfulness and guided imagery in their clinical work, which again, is different from hypnosis. Mari is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and is not a licensed hypnotherapist. This product is not a form of hypnosis.

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