Beyond Betrayal (E-packet)


If you are a spouse or partner of a sex or porn addict, you know first hand the hurt, anger and betrayal every partner experiences. My calling and passion as a clinical therapist is to support hurting individuals and couples whose hearts have been broken by sexual betrayal. I chose this specialization due to my own story of being a wounded partner of a sex addict. It is not an easy road, and we partners cannot navigate the healing journey alone.

Every week my counseling center receives calls and emails from traumatized partners and spouses from all around the country and world asking for help.  However, no therapist may conduct counseling with clients outside of the state they are licensed to practice in, thus I am unable to provide counseling support for individuals outside of the state of California, USA. However, every partner needs a guiding compass in a sea of pain.  

This is why I created, “Beyond Betrayal: First Healing Steps for Spouses and Partners of Sex and Porn Addicts” as a supportive resource. While I cannot provide counseling, my sincerest desire is that this E-packet will help support your first steps in healing and moving forward.

You are a person worthy of love and respect and I wish you all the very best on your journey ahead.  

~ Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S - Founder of Growth Counseling Services


Product Description: Beyond Betrayal: First Healing Steps for Spouses and Partners of Sex and Porn Addicts is a [add page # when we complete]  resource packet for partners and spouses of sex addicts.

Created For: This supportive information packet is intended for adult women and men who are in need of help and gentle guidance in beginning the healing process after betrayal from their spouses or partners as a result of sex or pornography addiction. Though written by a Licensed professional Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapy, Beyond Betrayal  is not intended as a substitution for professional therapy, or to act as therapeutic advice.


Format: The Beyond Betrayal Supportive Information E-packet is delivered via email download upon purchase in order for you to print, keep on file, and use as often as you like. The download is simple - just click on the button below to add to your shopping cart. Once purchased, you will be emailed a link for download that is active for 24 hours. Click on the link in the email, follow the instructions, and download your copy!


Important Notes Before Purchasing:

1. This kit is designed for partners and spouses (men and women alike) who are in or have been in relationships with a sex or porn addict. It is not a substitution for or intended to act as therapy.  

2.  The purpose of the Beyond Betrayal Supportive Information E-packet is to provide betrayed partners and spouses with first step information to begin the healing process after betrayal and should not be used as a therapy resource, or substitute for therapy.

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN PURCHASING: Please download within 24 hours after purchasing through your laptop or computer. DO NOT download through a smartphone or iPhone as the link may not be live


 Betrayed spouses photo

Betrayed spouses photo